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APES - "Drink" (cassette - 1993 - INC 036)


Christopher Sartisohn: drums/vocals

Jesse Bingham: guitar/vocals

Alisdair MacRae: bass/vocals


Track Listing:

01. Bone Marrow and Peanut Butter
02. Monkey Friend
03. Mass Device
04. Raking Leaves
05. Pork and Beets
06. Wino
07. Ham Quartet

08. The Gay Hoser

09. The Whip


Produced by Scott Henderson & Apes.

Recorded to 8 track tape at Dollhouse Studios, Victoria BC, March 1993.

Engineered by Scott Henderson, 1993.

Mixed by Scott Henderson & Apes, 1993.

Mastered at Unison Audio Productions, Victoria BC, 1993.

Guest vocals & cover art by Rick Tetrault.

Digital horn exploration on Monkey Friend by Scott Henderson.

All songs composed, arranged & performed by Apes.


Released 1993 on Incentive Sound (INC 038)


|    h o m e    |     b i o     |     g i g s     |    m u s i c    |    a r t    |    w o r d s    |    s t o r e    |    c o n t a c t    |    l i n k s    |




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