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fijit - "Leftovers" (CD - 1996/2002* - CARB 002)


Christopher Sartisohn: guitar

Mark Johnstone: bass/vocals

Jeremy Turner: drums


Track Listing:

01. Velvet Hammer [6:31]
02. Junker [3:32]
03. Novice Owl [6:01]
04. Future Snake [4:42]
05. Eight Legs To Go [5:49]
06. Late Eggs To Go [5:49]
07. Tarantula (or, Magnificent Octopus) [21:05]


Produced by Carbonize Records & fijit.

Recorded live to 24 track at Incentive Sound, Victoria BC.

Engineered by Scott Henderson, 1996.

Mixed by fijit w/ the kind assistance of Jason Bonneau, Sept.3/1998.

Re-mastered by Chris Sartisohn at Carbonize Studios, Victoria BC, 2001.

Cover painting by Mark Johnstone, 1997.

Design & layout by Chris Sartisohn at Carbonize Hypermedia, Victoria BC, 2002.

All songs composed, arranged & performed by fijit, except "Junker", based on "Junk" by NoMeansNo.


*Released 2002 on Carbonize Records (CARB 002)














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