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Another Blueprint for the End of the World - Sartisohn
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Rubber Mechanism


Rubber mechanism
Mixed nuts in a crystal goblet
Frozen beer across the keyboard
Plastic alcohol
I've misspelled my own time
For now - forever - fore


QWERTY goggles defogging
Space captain seat swivel on a star
Raised armrests for recumbent ape
Sinister Belgian beers
The ol' smooth piss again
Run out of manuscript, write in the air
With red fire demons
A need for a series of fine tobaccos
Tiamat smoker - tobacco hydra


Heal, mechanism, heel


Cyborg in a rubber room
A trampoline house
Urethane walls
Fire stick swirls of skull eye smoke
Socket fog
Facial orifice fag
Carpal scribe, circulatory arctic
Frozen veins from over-writing
Orifice syndrome


Carcinogenic oil
Ash on oak
Foreign smoke
Virginia folk
Purple lighter
Royal torch-bearer against an iridescent mirror
Fresh hypertext superimposed on a cave full of flesh
Black market bargain with a windy slogan
Brown socket Hogan with a Kindy wagon
Caravans across the nylon desert like Zylon eyebeams
Gypsy fires lick the dark jazz
An ashtray like an origami boat on a saliva ocean



© Sartisohn 2003


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