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Another Blueprint for the End of the World - Sartisohn
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Cigarette Hourglass


"All aboard the next train to oblivion..."


* Infinite ganglions

* To the meticulous sky

* Forswear the sand

* Beating in a deserted brain


* Molecular vision snaps on

* Dripping milky particles from aloft

* New-sprung tendrils reach up

* In a desperately futile attempt

* To meet purple time


* Stars whisper across the sky

* Shedding supernova tears

* In arabesque patterns

* Trailing an umbilical wake

* Of gentle grey smoke tendons

* Afterbirth of a stillborn god

* Go down the creaky stairs

* Into the cellar

* Descend

* Into the furtively palpitating dark

* Reach out

* A tenebrific hand

* Touch the unholy cadaver


* Throw shadows cautiously

* Across time tracks and dusty space stations

* Of an abandoned universe

* Spank nuclear skulls

* For their evil eyes

* And their skeletal ways

* Upbraid eternity

* Admonish death



© Sartisohn 2003


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